Owwlish Product Updates September 2022

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Kevin discusses new and all the recent changes feature that we rolled out in the owwlish app.

New features added:

1. One of the biggest things that we recently pushed out is something that we needed for a long time which was student tracking.

2. We’ve added a number of features to improve the experience of the learner navigation area, you can now filter learners by courses if you have multiple courses. You can filter it by the course to see who’s enrolled very quickly you can delete users.

3. The other major thing or huge improvements are on the course experience side in terms of styling and also in terms of navigation things should be a lot smoother for your learners, they should be able to kind of move from one lesson to another and from one module to another.

4. We’ve also added a curriculum tab for the course overview.

5. We’ve added tons of currencies and support for accepting funds in lots of countries that our payment processor stripe supports.

Features that are coming up:

1. Comprehensive feature-packed quiz

2. Certification feature

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2 Responses

    1. Hi Steven! As for the quiz feature, this should be ready for beta testing within a month or so. We’ll try to push the feature into the app for people to try in beta mode so that folks can get their hands on it earlier than later. The certificate feature should be available right after that!

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