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The Ultimate Guide On How to Display Website Testimonials for your Online Course

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The importance of building trust and credibility cannot be overstated in the competitive world of online education when countless courses are competing for the attention of potential students.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by showcasing website testimonials from satisfied students. Testimonials are a valuable tool in promoting your course, providing social proof and reassurance to potential students about the value and quality of your course offerings. In this article, we’ll explore strategies for effectively displaying website testimonials on your online course website to attract more students, build trust, and drive conversions.

website testimonials

Understanding the value of Testimonials

Before delving into the strategies for effectively displaying testimonials on your website, it’s essential to understand their concept and why they are so powerful. Website Testimonials are written or spoken statements from satisfied customers or clients endorsing a product, service, or in this case, an online course. They are more than just words on a page; they are reflections of real experiences and outcomes. The presence of positive website testimonials from satisfied learners increases potential students’ trust in your course and their confidence in their decision to enroll.

Testimonials humanize your brand, making it easier for students to connect with your course on a personal level. By displaying the success stories of previous students, you demonstrate the tangible benefits of your course and build confidence in prospective students.

Types of Testimonials

Testimonials can be presented in a variety of formats, each with its advantages. Written testimonials provide detailed feedback, allowing students to share their thoughts and experiences in their own words. Video testimonials add a personal touch, allowing viewers to see and hear the emotions behind the words. Case studies offer in-depth insights into specific student experiences, showcasing the real-world applications of your course content. By offering a variety of website testimonial formats, you cater to different learning styles and preferences, making it easier for potential students to find website testimonials that resonate with them.

Using Website Testimonials for Marketing

Website Testimonials are not only valuable endorsements of your online course but also powerful marketing tools that can significantly influence potential students’ decision-making process. When used strategically, testimonials can attract new students, establish trust and credibility, and ultimately lead to conversions. Here are some effective ways to use website testimonials to promote your online course:

1. Website Integration:

website testimonials

It’s important to display testimonials prominently throughout your website, especially on key pages such as the homepage, course landing pages, and checkout pages. Feature compelling quotes and success stories that highlight the benefits and outcomes of your course. Consider using multimedia elements such as images or videos to make testimonials more visually appealing and engaging

2. Social Proof:

Share testimonials on your social media channels to increase their reach and impact. Showcase the value of your course to your followers by highlighting positive feedback and success stories from satisfied students. To encourage social sharing and engagement, consider including social sharing buttons or encouraging students to tag your course in their posts.

3. Email Campaigns:

To reinforce your course’s value proposition and encourage conversions, include testimonials in your email marketing campaigns. Include your website testimonials in promotional emails, newsletters, and follow-up sequences to remind subscribers of the benefits of enrolling in your course. Social proof through testimonials can help overcome objections and build trust with prospective students.

4. Advertisements:

website testimonials

Increase the effectiveness and conversion rates of your paid advertising campaigns by including website testimonials. To entice potential students to learn more about your course, use captivating quotes and success stories in your ad copy. Identify which testimonials and advertising creatives resonate with your target audience by testing them.

5. Landing pages:

Make landing pages that are tailored to specific audience segments or marketing campaigns and include testimonials that address their needs and interests. Use testimonials to address common objections or concerns that potential students may have and reassure them of the value and benefits of your course. To encourage visitors to take advantage of your course or sign up for a free trial, include calls-to-action (CTAs) near testimonials.

By incorporating testimonials into your marketing strategy, you leverage the power of social proof to attract new students and drive conversions.

Strategies for Collecting Testimonials

Collecting testimonials from satisfied students is a crucial step in showcasing the value and effectiveness of your online course. Strategies such as email requests, surveys, social media outreach, dedicated testimonial submission pages, incentives, and follow-ups are effective ways to gather feedback and testimonials from past students. By actively soliciting feedback from past students, you can gather valuable insights into their experiences and outcomes, which can then be used to attract and convince prospective learners.

Crafting Compelling Testimonials

Once you’ve collected testimonials from satisfied students, the next step is to ensure that they effectively communicate the value and benefits of your online course. Compelling website testimonials are specific, authentic, relevant, and results-oriented, and may incorporate multimedia elements to make them more engaging and memorable. By following these principles, you can craft testimonials that resonate with potential students and effectively showcase the value of your course.

How to display testimonials on your website for your online course

The way you present testimonials on your website can greatly affect their effectiveness in capturing the attention of potential students and convincing them to enroll in your online course. A testimonial display that is well-designed not only showcases positive feedback from satisfied students but also enhances the overall user experience and reinforces your brand’s credibility. Here are some strategies for designing an attractive and user-friendly testimonial display.

1. Choose the Right Placement:

Consider the location on your website where testimonials will have the most impact and visibility. Feature testimonials prominently on key pages such as the homepage, course landing pages, and checkout pages to capture the attention of visitors at critical decision points. Use eye-catching design elements such as bold fonts, colors, or graphics to make your website testimonials stand out from surrounding content.

2. Use Visual Elements:

Incorporate visual elements such as images and icons to add visual interest and context to your testimonials. Including photos of the students who provided the testimonials can make them more relatable and humanize your brand. Consider using multimedia elements such as video testimonials to make your testimonials more engaging and memorable.

3. Group Testimonials:

Group testimonials into categories or topics to make them easier to navigate and find. For example, you could have separate sections for testimonials from different courses, industries, or types of students. By grouping testimonials, visitors can quickly locate relevant testimonials that address their specific concerns or interests, increasing their impact and relevance.

4. Provide Context:

Providing context for each testimonial can help visitors understand who the testimonial is from and why it’s relevant to them. Include the name and photo of the student who provided the testimonial, along with any relevant details such as their profession, industry, or location. Adding context to testimonials enhances credibility and authenticity and aids visitors in relating to the experiences of past students.

5. Incorporate Calls-to-Action (CTAs):

website testimonials

To persuade visitors to take the next step, include calls-to-action (CTAs) near testimonials to encourage them to enroll in your course or sign up for a free trial. It’s vital to use persuasive language and compelling visuals to encourage action, such as “Enroll Now” or “Start Your Free Trial Today.” Placing CTAs strategically near testimonials helps to capture the attention of visitors and guide them toward conversion.

6. Mobile Optimization:

Ensure that your testimonial display is tailored for mobile devices to provide a seamless user experience across all devices. On whatever screen size, Testimonials should be easy to read and navigate, with clear and intuitive navigation options. Consider using responsive design techniques to adapt your testimonial display to different screen sizes and orientations.

By following these strategies, you can create an attractive and user-friendly testimonial display that enhances the credibility of your online course and encourages visitors to take quick action.

Sample Testimonials for Online Courses

website testimonials

Creating compelling website testimonials is essential for effectively showcasing the value and benefits of your online course to potential students. Before committing to a course, prospective students frequently look for assurance and validation in the tough world of online education. Reviews of courses are an excellent source of information, providing insights into the real experiences of previous learners. By carefully incorporating these reviews and ratings into your website, you can increase credibility and trust- two important factors in attracting and retaining students. These are some illustrations of strong course reviews that highlight the impact and effectiveness of online courses and can serve as inspiration for your testimonials;

“A Game-Changer for Me”

Course Title: Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

Taking the Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies course was a game-changer for me! I was able to quickly master advanced marketing techniques thanks to the interactive lessons and personalized feedback. I’ve already seen a significant improvement in my campaign performance and ROI. Highly recommended for anyone looking to take their digital marketing skills to the next level!”

-Sarah Thompson, Marketing student, New York City

“Exceeded My Expectations”

Course Title: Introduction to Data Science

I was skeptical about online learning at first, but the Introduction to Data Science course exceeded my expectations. The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging, breaking down complex concepts into digestible chunks. The hands-on projects and real-world examples helped me apply what I learned immediately in my job. Can’t wait to explore more courses from this platform”

– David Lee, Software Developer, San Francisco

“Highly Recommended!”

Course Title: Fundamentals of Graphic Design

“The Fundamentals of Graphic Design is an excellent resource, and I can’t recommend it enough! The material is well-organized, and the instructors are knowledgeable and engaging. I appreciated the hands-on projects and feedback provided, which helped me improve my design skills significantly. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up on your skills, this course would be of value to you!”

– Graham Iheanachor, Graphic Designer, Nigeria

 “Standout Teaching Style”

Course Name: Photography Masterclass

“I’ve taken several online photography courses before, but the Photography Masterclass really stood out to me. The instructors’ teaching style was engaging and inspiring, and the course content was comprehensive and well-paced. They break down complex concepts into digestible chunks and provide plenty of examples to reinforce learning. I’ve already seen a significant improvement in my photography skills!”

– Daniel Donald, Photographer, New York City

These sample testimonials showcase the diverse experiences and outcomes that students can expect from your online course and provide further validation of the quality and effectiveness of your online course. By showcasing the positive experiences and outcomes of past students, you instill confidence in potential learners and motivate them to enroll in your course. They effectively convey the value of your course to potential students by highlighting specific benefits and outcomes, addressing common concerns, and using authentic language.

Updating and Refreshing Testimonials

For testimonials on your website to remain relevant and reflect current student experiences, they must be updated and refreshed regularly. To give a true picture of the worth and benefits of your online course, it’s critical to showcase the most recent feedback as it changes and new students enroll. Here are some strategies for updating and refreshing testimonials effectively:

1. Reach Out to Current Students:

Proactively reach out to current students to request feedback and testimonials regarding their experience taking your course. Send follow-up emails or messages asking for their thoughts and encourage them to share their success stories. You can also offer incentives such as discounts or free resources to motivate participation.

2. Solicit Feedback After Course Updates:

website testimonials

Whenever you make updates or improvements to your course content or features, solicit feedback from students who have completed the updated course. Encourage them to share their thoughts on the changes and how it has impacted their learning experience. Use their feedback to update and refresh testimonials accordingly.

3. Showcase Recent Success Stories:

Highlight recent success stories and outcomes from students who have recently completed your course. Feature testimonials from students who have achieved notable results or overcome significant challenges. Including recent success stories adds credibility and demonstrates the ongoing value of your course.

Maximizing the Impact of Testimonials

For testimonials to have the most possible impact and efficacy, you must strategically arrange them on your website and use them as effective conversion tools. You can draw in more prospective students, foster trust, and increase conversions by cleverly placing testimonials, personalizing them, adding social proof, utilizing interactive components, and consistently tweaking and utilizing data-driven insights.


In conclusion, testimonials are a powerful tool for showcasing the value and benefits of your online course and attracting new students. By understanding the power of testimonials, collecting them effectively, crafting compelling testimonials, using them for marketing, designing an attractive testimonial display, and maximizing their impact, you can build trust and credibility and ultimately grow your online course business. With the right approach and tools, you can leverage the power of testimonials to achieve your goals and stand out in the competitive world of online education.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive platform to manage your online courses and effectively showcase testimonials, consider checking out Owwlish (https://owwlish.com/features) for a range of features tailored to your needs. With the right approach and tools, you can leverage the power of testimonials to grow your online course business and achieve your goals.



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