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How to Build an Engaging Online Course in Webflow

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Here is our guide to building an Engaging Online Course in Webflow. Creating an online course can be a daunting task, but with the right platform, the whole process can be made much easier. Webflow is one such platform that offers users a powerful and intuitive way to create an online course from scratch. With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly set up your online course without any coding knowledge. You can also customize the look and feel of your course with ease. Moreover, Webflow provides users with various features like quizzes, video lessons, and more to make sure that their students get the best learning experience possible.

With Webflow, you can create an engaging and effective online course in no time! So let’s take a look at what this platform offers and how you can leverage it to launch your course.

Build an Engaging Online Course in Webflow

Creating a website with Webflow

Once you’ve created your Webflow account, you’ll want to go to “Create Project” in the dashboard. You have several templates to choose from, offering you some choices to best match your course style.

From this point, you can add many elements to your site by clicking the “+”. Styling like columns, sections, and lists lend aesthetic appeal to the overall look of your site.

The layout of your site is highly customizable. Choose from different themes and craft your look to your course concept.


Webflow offers a variety of pricing options, including a free Starter account that still allows you to create your site with limited features and space. This option is a good way to familiarize yourself with Webflow and see if it is a good fit for you.

If you decide Webflow is for you, then you can take your website to the next level with four more pricing options including:



The Basic plan does not come with any CMS items, and only 500 monthly form submissions and 50 GB of bandwidth. If your course doesn’t need a lot of space, this option can be a cost-effective choice. However, since most online courses are video-intensive, many instructors may want more bandwidth to handle their content.



With the CMS price plan, you get 2,000 CMS items, 1,000 monthly form submissions, and 200 GB of bandwidth to work with. This generally supports most courses, but it all depends on how heavy the course content is.



The Business level takes you up to 10,000 CMS items, 2,500 form submissions a month, and a whopping 400 GB of bandwidth to support your course. This option also allows up to 10 content editors for the site so your whole development team can easily contribute.


You have to contact Webflow support for pricing for the Enterprise level, but this provides over 10,000 CMS items and variable limits for form submissions, content editors, and bandwidth ceilings customized to your specific needs.

Making Your Work Easier

While a platform like Webflow makes it easy to lay the foundation of your site, all web builders have a learning curve, some not so gradual. Agonizing over how to get your content to display correctly on your new website can be like a black hole, pulling your time and energy into a never-ending technical abyss.

Whether you are a veteran multi-tasker or not, as an instructor your efforts are best applied to your actual course content, not the frustration of building a website.

Enter Owwlish: a one-stop course creator solution. This software takes your video lectures, converts them to code, and all you have to do is copy and paste that code to your website.

One of the primary advantages of Owwlish is that it is specifically designed with course creators in mind. This makes your job much easier and allows you to focus on your course material.

Regardless of which platform you use to create your site, Owwlish allows you to easily build your online course and integrate it into your website.

Utilizing Owwlish

Owwilsh offers two pricing options for course creators. If you only have one course you want to create, Owwlish offers an inexpensive option. Boom! Done.

If you plan to create multiple courses, Owwlish has your back.

Whichever pricing plan you choose, all you need to do is upload the video lectures for your course in the builder section and Owwlish instantly transforms them into lines of code which you can insert into your website.

Plus, you can track your students’ progress, see how active they are, and give them an encouraging nudge if you notice their interaction decrease.

Owwlish is continually adding new features exclusively for course creators to enhance their students’ experience. With Owwlish, both content creation and student management are a breeze.

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