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Quick and Easy 5 Step Guide On Naming Your Online Course

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These are some helpful templates and tips if you find yourself getting stuck with naming your online course. Using SEO research is well and good, and by all means, do it if you have the tools. However, you probably aren’t choosing an online course name just for Google. You want people to read your online course name and go, “Yes, this is what I’m looking for.” 


You want to find out what names work specifically for online courses. And what better way to do that than to look at the best-selling online courses’ titles? Of course, a catchy title isn’t enough to rocket your online course to the top of this list. Still, examining the names of already successful online courses might help you get an idea of what people latch on to.

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We’ve compiled the forty best-selling online courses from Udemy, the biggest platform for online courses on the internet. These online courses cover varying niches from information technology to art and design to personal development. Here are some trends we noticed that you might be able to apply to naming your online courses

1. People Want The Complete Package

By far, the most popular terms that pop up are “complete,” “ultimate,” and “A-Z.” Present your course as something comprehensive, even if it’s just comprehensive of a small branch of a bigger topic. Let’s say you’re looking to create online courses on character drawing. If you plan to chop that topic up into bite-sized, individual courses, then avoid naming your online course something like “Character Drawing: Part I.” Rather, try “A Complete Guide to Drawing Facial Expressions” or “Tools for Character Drawing from A-Z.” 

2. State the Skill Level

When naming your online course, be sure to state your intended target’s skill level in your course title. Words like “beginner,” “advanced,” and “professional” pop up often in popular online course names for a reason. Other terms you can use for your online course are “101,” “crash course,” or “from scratch.”

3. Make a Promise

What does your potential client want to achieve? Do they want to learn Python? Are they looking to become a life coach? Or maybe they’re thinking about mastering the art of photography? Your online course name can be as simple as that — the online course objectives. Use promise verbs like “learn,” “become,” and “master.” 

4. Active Learning is a Selling Point

Popular online course titles heavily imply that the online course will be an active learning experience. By naming your online course as “hands-on” or as a “Bootcamp,” you’re setting up the expectation that it will be chock full of activities that students can follow along with your instructions. Alternatively, you can also use phrases like “training,” “guide,” or even “practical.” 

5. Advertise Your Certificates

Certification is a huge selling point for online courses. If you plan to offer certificates, make sure to let your potential clients know right away with your online course name.

With all these quick tips to keep in mind, here’s a list of power words we’ve compiled for you to use when naming your online course.

online course name

Let’s say you’re looking to teach an online course on how to prep for college entrance exams. Using the table above, you can come up with online course titles like:

  • The Complete Guide to College Entrance Exam Prep
  • Get into College: Entrance Exam Prep 101
  • Intensive Training Course on College Entrance Exam Prep

Try it out for yourself and see what best fits your online courses.


Maybe you want to put a more personal stamp on your online courses, go against the tide, and have a more attention-grabbing online course title. Here are some easy tips and tricks that might get your creative juices flowing.

1. Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

Abbreviations are shortened forms of names and titles. Initialisms are abbreviations where the first letters of the title’s words are pronounced individually, while acronyms are when the shortened name is pronounced as a new word. For example, “FBI” (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is an initialism, but “NASA” (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is an acronym.

It’s not just government agencies that are better known by their shortened names. Plenty of products owe their catchy names to acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations. Think BMWs (Bavarian Motor Works), FUBU (For Us, By Us) clothing, MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetics), and many more. Abbreviations make their names easy to remember and allow them to pack information and meaning using just a couple of syllables.
You can create a catchy abbreviated name by starting with the most straightforward characteristics of your online course. Notice how the examples above basically state upfront what the product is and what it does, and the extra flair comes from the catchiness of the abbreviation.

2. Have Fun with Puns

No one can resist a good pun. A clever rhyme can make your online course name a lot more memorable. While you may want to avoid puns for more serious and professional online courses, these are perfect for light-hearted online courses that want to market themselves as an enjoyable and accessible experience. Examples of online course names that utilize puns are “The Not-so Secret Code: Learning Python,” “Drawing the Line: Character Sketches and Portraits,” or “Your Witness to Fitness: Personalized Health Coaching.” 

3. Brand It

You may already have an established website, product, or brand in your niche. It’s a great idea to leverage that name recognition by, well, including your name! The most recognizable names and titles identify their creators, owners, or principal characters. Disney, McDonald’s, the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 一 the person’s identity is tied to the work and product. 

If you have proven yourself an expert or knowledgeable in your field, don’t be afraid to put your trusted name in your online course name. This will help you stand out from the crowd and immediately give your online course a distinct and unique selling point.

online course name

These are just some quick and easy things you can try to help you figure out your online course name. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and build up from there.
Whether you’re looking for an online course name that sells or one that sticks in people’s heads, the best way to make sure you’ve found the perfect online course name is to test it out. Keep a shortlist on hand and workshop it with friends and colleagues. Better yet, comment on your potential online course names on this post and see what the online public thinks.

It’s Time to Start Building Your Online Course

Naming your online course is a critical step in capturing the attention of your target audience and conveying the essence of what you offer. It’s not just about SEO, but about crafting a name that resonates and compels learners to take the next step. As you explore the strategies to create catchy online course names, remember that a well-chosen name can make a significant difference in your course’s success.

While these insights offer valuable guidance, there’s a tool that takes your online course journey to the next level – Owwlish. With its brilliantly easy online course platform, Owwlish empowers creators of all types to not only create captivating course names but also seamlessly host, manage, and monetize their courses. From comprehensive packages to skill-level indicators, Owwlish aligns with the trends that resonate with learners.

Owwlish goes beyond trends, providing you with a platform that actively engages learners through its interactive features. Offering an ideal blend of user-friendliness and sophistication, Owwlish ensures that your online course venture is a resounding success. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just embarking on your journey, Owwlish is here to transform your vision into an immersive learning experience.

So, if you’re looking to create online courses that truly stand out, don’t just settle for a name – embrace a solution that empowers you from start to finish. Explore the world of Owwlish and discover how it can elevate your online course game to new heights. Your journey toward creating impactful, profitable, and engaging online courses starts with Owwlish. Try it out today and witness the transformation for yourself.



After 10 years of dental school and dental practice, Alyssa took the next logical step and quit everything to follow her love of business and entrepreneurship. Having created custom technology for her winning online course for dentists, she co-founded Owwlish as a way to help other course creators win at courses.

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